About Qmed Brand

QMED is an orthopaedic equipment brand owned by mdh sp. z o.o. that has been present on the Łódź market for 16 years. mdh offers medical solutions for orthopaedics and rehabilitation. The company transacts business in many areas (production, import, export, distribution). It is a manufacturer of orthopaedic footwear, orthotic products, rehabilitation equipment. mdh has the largest share in purchasing volume of products and services of health retailers in Poland. By systematically following its strategy, the company builds up its position of an innovative creator and leading provider of products for orthopaedics and rehabilitation in Europe. The R&D department of the company is located in Łódź special economic zone. Qmed provides comprehensive orthotic solutions for people with motor dysfunctions, e.g. cervical orthoses, trunk orthoses and orthoses for lower and upper limbs.
Qmed products support the treatment and rehabilitation process in different types of motor dysfunctions. All applied materials ensure comfortable user experience and have all required certificates for products that come into contact with human body. They have a modern design and are available in a wide range of sizes, which makes for their versatility. Qmed orthoses are suitable in the course of treatment as well as prevention of overload and motor injuries.
mdh offers support to athletes. Our products have been tested by volleyball players, footballers, handball players and rugby players. In creating new products or improving old ones to adapt them to different sports disciplines, we make use of the knowledge of sports teams, coaches and physical therapists.


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